Alex Rozsnyoi
Sales Manager

A Souvenir You Can Smell

The fresh and elegant aroma of lavender which is calming, soothing, and hypnotic, has been known to relieve tension and calm the mind. The gentle scent makes it a favourite Australian smell. 


 "All our lavender bears are handmade in Australia and filled with Australian hard wheat and lavender. However, the smell of lavender varies from different areas in Australia. That's why we have compared a lot of Australian lavender farms. After careful selection and processing, Real Aus's lavender bears smell lighter, better and are longer lasting. We proudly called it an Australian Scent. It is also microwavable. To reheat, put the Real Aus lavender bear into a microwave, heat for a maximum of 1.5 to 2 minutes (800W) to re-emit the scent", says Alex, a sales manager of Real Aus. 


All Real Aus lavender bears come with a special authenticity tag which contain one visible number and one hidden number. To verify the authenticity of the bear, scratch the silver coating to reveal the hidden code, then enter it into our websites to register your bear. All bears with authentication tags can be checked via this website. If you encounter any problems just leave your contact details, quote your visible number and we will identify it for you.


Over the years, Real Aus have established brand name in our field through creative designs and high quality. Real Aus products have been widely recognised and loved by many customers in Australia and all over the world, including Modern Family, the Royal Princess, the Parliament House shop and Taronga Zoo, just to name a few. When you order from Real Aus, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality Australian souvenirs for you and your family.

Tony Dadson
Tasmanian Sales

A Souvenir You Can Wear

What is UGG, is it a style, a trend or a fashion? Originating from Australia decades ago, now famous across the world today, we believe that UGG is an Australian national icon. Its rough appearance but elegant nature reflects its unique Australian character. 

There are two characteristics that best defines the quality of an UGG; materials and craftsmanship. Real Aus UGG selects from an exceptional range of high-quality materials, especially those that ensure the comfort and luxuriousness of an UGG:


UGGskin TM
Real Aus only uses the finest, Grade-A double face Australian sheepskin, to guarantee a luxurious and comfortable Real Aus UGG experience.


UGGwool TM

UGGwool is the latest addition to the premium materials of Real Aus. Natural Australian wool woven into a durable backing enhances the overall product experience. Featured in the linings and footbeds of select products, UGGwool allows us to deliver an even better experience with every wear.


UGGcraft TM

Real Aus UGG employs the UGGcraft standard which is the finest standards of craftsmanship in the world. At five different points in our manufacturing process we repeatedly check and re-check against these criteria, making sure only the highest quality boots are produced. The final product is a master piece, only the Real Aus UGG name can offer.


Over the years, Real Aus have established brand names in our field through creative designs and high quality. Real Aus products have been widely recognised and loved by many customers in Australia and all over the world, including Modern Family, the Royal Princess, the Parliament House shop and Taronga Zoo, just to name a few. When you order from Real Aus, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality Australian souvenirs for you and your family.

Mike Wan
Sales - Asian Customers

Brand Isn't Established Overnight

Hi everyone, my name is Mike. I am fluent in Chinese and English and I am very privileged to be the Real Aus representative for our Asian customer base.

In my recent conversations with many customers, the most frequently asked question was what makes our company different and why should they order from us. For example, there are several companies that sell lavender bears. Why choose us then? It's simple. We've been providing quality Australian made souvenirs to our customers since 1996. By the end of 2013, we were virtually the sole company left standing. 

In the past 18 years, we have established strong relationships with our customers, and built our brand name. Many famous companies have purchased from us, including Fox Studios who have used our products as props for the filming of Modern family, in Australia. In addition, our company's products was the chosen brand for Princess Mary on her visit to Australia. 

This is our mission; to lead the industry with quality, brand and strong customer relationships. We treat every product as a souvenir that brings you memories. This is the trump card that has won us many well-known customers over the years. Our brand image has built up over time through experience. So if you ask me, which company should I purchase from? Take a look, is there another company with a longer history of Australian made than us? 

Grace Marques
Office Admin

Loved By Modern Family

It was Wednesday 12th February 2014, business as usual at Australia United. The staff were constantly answering phone calls, customers were visiting the office and the showroom to purchase stock and the warehouse was picking and packing orders for deliveries. It was at this time when we received a call from the Modern Family Crew.

The Modern Family Cast had come to Australia to film for a few weeks. The crew had called us as they wanted to use a wide range of our products as part of a souvenir display stand in which they will use to film scenes in Sydney. One of the crew members saw our products in a souvenir shop in the city and loved it so much that they contacted us immediately.

The office was immediately in a state of excitement. We were very happy to help, as Modern Family is a highly popular TV show that is seen all over the world and is loved by everyone, especially the younger generation of today. "I absolutely love Modern Family, especially Sofia and Eric", says Alexandra, although Ashlee debated that she loved Jesse more. 

We offered them a full range of products and they decided on 300 different souvenir products that we supplied. By the time we went through all the legal proceedings with the producers and lawyers, it was time to film the scene. The crew were so grateful that they even gave us a behind the scenes invitation to see the show being filmed, how lucky are we! 

Once they finished filming the show in Sydney, the lovely crew member returned some of our products. But the staff and cast of Modern family loved our products so much that they bought a proportion to take back home with them. As for who bought them, it may have been Sofia, or it may have been Eric, that will remain a mystery to us forever.

The cast and staff of Modern Family were very grateful for our help and professionalism and sent us an enormous, beautifully arranged gift basket to say thank you. Australia United was very happy to be a part of this exciting journey with Modern Family and will be talking about it for a very long time. 

Melvyn Stenning
Retired Manager

Loved by the Royal Princess Mary

Our Royal Princess Mary was born and raised in Hobart, in lovely Tasmania. She met Prince Frederick while he was visiting Australia during the 2000 Olympic at Slip Inn, a pub in Sydney.  Before you know it, Prince Frederick and Prince Mary were married in 2004. They have been a subject of extensive attention from Australian and World news. They reside in Denmark and have four beautiful children together. We can say yes, this is a fairytale ending!


In October 2013, Prince Frederick and Princess Mary came to Sydney to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. On the day of the celebration, Prince Frederick and Princess Mary had a meet and greet with the Australian people at the Opera House. It was then when Princess Mary held one of our Koala in front of the crowd as a souvenir and she absolutely loved it.


The staff at Real Aus were so excited to see Princess Mary in the news holding our Koala bear as it would be seen all over the world and we even saw pictures in The Women's Weekly and New Idea magazines. As a staff member of Real Aus, it makes me very proud and honored that our koala bear is very popular and loved by Princess Mary and the crowd of Sydney. We are happy to know that she will take it back home to Denmark to share with her family. Who knows, one of her delightful children might play with it and take it to bed as they are part of our wonderful Australian culture just like their mother, Princess Mary. This is another success that will be cherished and will be talked about amongst ourselves and our wonderful customers.

Jason Martin
Warehouse Operations

We Are A Happy Team

Our diligent staff at Real Aus strives to sell excellent products to our loyal customers as well as new customers that join us each year. We are a major supplier of Australian souvenirs and are proud to say that we excel with endless orders every week. 

At Real Aus we love to communicate. We have a great business relationship with our customers, but at the same time, great friendships in which we laugh, joke and talk about our families, the footy, movies and weekend road trips etc. The team at Real Aus have worked together for many years. Together, we help make Real Aus successful and give customers real satisfaction. This is truly a great environment we have; great relationships with customers, and with the staff, well, it's like a second family.